Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chapter 3 OWNAGE!

So all of my critique partners, and friends/family know that during the writing of my WIP He's With Me I've struggled with the first before chapter, my chapter three. It has been, for lack of a better word, a bitch.

But Aaron, from Blogger Girlz, just sent me back her critiqued view of my chapter three. Maybe it's because I've purposefully not read the chapter in the past four months is why Aaron's critique was so helpful, because I'd been able to step back and not hate it for awhile.

I also think I've realized why it was such a pain to work with in the beginning. Because my WIP starts out with a mature Kali and Darren, while the first before chapter focuses on Mitch and Kali as younger kids like four and five which is important to the plot. And because of the age change the third person narration also had a change, which would explain why I was so annoyed with it in the first place. Duh Hayley.

So, I'm off, all happy to have finally gotten it to a point where I'm not ashamed to let someone read it! Whoot! And after I get it back from Aaron, again, I think I may like it even more! Onward to writing!


Jade said...

Betas make the world go round.

K. M. Walton said...

Isn't it glorious when you get good writing advice?!?! It is so exciting to me.

Kudos on breaking through the rough part of the process.

Hayley said...

Jade- I know, and I've gotten way betting on my timing as a beta now too! I'm getting stuff back on time! *gasp* ^_^

K.M.- It really is! I alway get really giddy! And thanks for the kudos!