Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I Love Summer

School is over! Whoot! Summer here I come, and I decided to do a post about why I love it as much as I do. Not just for the writing related reasons there are other factors too. Here is my list:

*All-nighters. Seriously once school is over and done with I don’t have to be up at six a.m. every day, thus I can hop myself up on chocolate and coffee and chamomile tea and not have to worry (8o% of the time) about being completely mentally present in the morning, or afternoon whenever I get up. Lots of writing gets done during the wee hours of the night-ah summer is amazing.

*Boys. Let’s not be shy right here: I’m a teen girl, and during the summer lots and lots of boys walk around topless. I spend weekends down at a beautiful beach shore with my grandmother, and there are lots of topless, tan, sailor boys. It is very, very nice to sit around and watch. Or play a boys vs. girls game (it’s to see who can get all members of the opposite gender into the water first) on the raft with them, in the middle of the ocean. Think about it.

*No school work. Frankly spending my time wrapped up in lots and lots of school work is not how I like to spend my days especially because I just bombed two finals (no effect on my final grade, but just panic attack induced amnesia. Yes I’m serious, and yes I did cry about it. It wasn’t pretty). So though I have to find a job, (I’m working on it, no car+small town=limited opportunities. It’s going to happen though,) I still don’t have to write ten page papers or perform a French oral exam on a whim.

*I don’t have to deal with obnoxious teenagers for elongated periods of time. Of course this sounds really pretentious, I know; especially because I am a teen and my target readers are teenagers—but I am more mature than most of my classmates. Sometimes it seems like eons ahead of them maturity wise. So I do not appreciate sitting in a class where kids are going off about what stupid things they did last night, or what pictures got posted on the web. Not for me, I’d rather have a political conversation with an adult, or discuss and recite Shakespeare, yes I am that much of a nerd, if there was any speculation about that let’s dispel it right now. For example I can recite the Tomorrow [Macbeth] speech off the top of my head. Thus spending A LOT of time with some of my peers is less than enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong gossip is great but there are just some things about my classmates that drive me nuts.

*Summer flings— if I’m the one having the summer fling (haha, not happening) or if one of my friends is or one of the classmates mentioned above, they are always fun to hear about. The ups the downs, the chemistry. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so stories that are chock full of passion are enthralling, whoever you are. So yes I appreciate the intoxicating environment that is summer, and the passionate flings it nurtures. It is fun to watch.

*People watching. I love people watching and summer is one of the best environments for it because you can loiter basically wherever—bookstores, beach, museum, stores, cafés, you name it in summer it’s less noticeable if you’re hanging around there. Of course this can be disputed— but I believe that the hustle and bustle of a hot steamy summer with everyone coming and going is a better web of distractions than any other time of the year especially the slow cool flow of winter. People stick in one place for a long time and therefore notice if you’re sticking around and watching them. Thus summer is an ideal environment to watch people all the time, because it seems like everyone is going somewhere else.

*Boys, did I mention boys? If not they need more recognition. Hot, tan, toned, shirtless, swimmers, sailors, bikers, off-season hockey players (<-they’re my favorite, hehe). Boys.

*Reading. I have so much more time to read, no papers, no assignments, and like stated above all-nighters. Do you know how many books I can read straight through in twenty-four beautiful hours? Over five it is SO nice.

*Time to go to my gym. I have a membership and during the school year don’t get there enough as I’d like to, but during the summer if I want I can bike there(nice exercise) and then enjoy a work out and bike home(more exercise) I could even get there twice a day if I’d like. Hey a non-sports player has to keep healthy somehow.

*The beach, this should speak for itself.

*I can lock myself down in my internet-less basement and stay there for hours undistracted by all the shiny blogs, tools and games on the internet. And just write.

*Summer softball. My baby sister, Shorty, plays summer ball. And three years ago we had the BEST team; I loved all the girls and couldn’t wait to go to their games. We traveled all over the state (in car reading time bangin’). We got all the way to finals, three inning overtime and lost by one. It was painful. But it was awesome, so amazing. The next year because of the age divisions our team was spilt up but this year, with the exception of a few new additions the team is basically the same and I am PUMPED. We already won our first game 4-0. I love, love, love watching my baby sister play, love watching the joy it brings her. Especially because I’m friends with a bunch of the girls and it’s like magic. Softball may be my second favorite sport, the first being hockey (see above second boy comment).

*Being a beta. I love getting to help people and during the year its hard and I can’t always be timely, but over the summer, I can beta till my heats content.

*Sleep. When I’m not reading or writing or working. Sleep, lots and lots of beautiful sleep.

*Marathons, lots and lots of TV marathons, catching up on everything I missed. Leverage, I love you.

*Friends probably one of the best things ever, the biggest perk of summer. Spending time with and appreciating the people who you love like family and who always have your back. I love my friends.

And that is why I love summer. Especially for the boys, hehe.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is a quickie post because I've got to "focus" on finals tomorrow and Tuesday. Then I'll get back into the blogsphere, commenting and bouncing around, you have no idea how much I'm looking forwards to the return. I also have to get my novel finished and to one of my betas by Thursday because she's leaving next week and we wont see each other, I really value what she has to say so that means this novel needs to get done, now. So that is what my real focus is going to be. Shh...don't tell my parents.

Uh other than that, head over to my sidebar to check out the contests and giveaways that are going on to occupy yourself for the next five days when I'm not here, *sigh* I'm going to miss fluttering around the blogsphere even if it's only for a few days.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Belated Beach Scene Blogfest!

So I signed up for the beach scene blogfest, which was on Saturday, but I had SATs so it slipped my mind and then I spent yesterday cleaning. Ick. So here is my contribution to the fest, very very late. Also if you read my dream scene contribution it has since been quite revamped (just like I said I would). So pop on down to read it if you want.

Back story: my two MCs Demetri and Zoie, are finishing up a mini self appointed vacation (aka these seniors are skipping school, not that big a deal), Demetri took Zoie down to say goodbye to her friend Noah who was dying from terminal cancer. They are on their way back home now and she wanted to stop at the beach. Truth be told it's not a bright happy beach scene it just happens to be on a beach. I digress...

This is part of a WIP I'm currently toying with right now, it's going to be my main focus next year at school for my Independant Study (I'm getting credit to write a novel how sweet is that? It makes putting up with school a little easier.) So you won't be hearing much more about this for awhile. But those of you who have been following me for awhile will recognize that the characters are the same ones from my PG love scene post, this is before he finds out she's sick. Just a BTW moment.

As always feedback is appreciated, don't hold back. I hope you enjoy.


Demetri pulled into the parking lot, glancing at Zoie, her black hair was splayed across her face, a smile spread across her sleeping lips. It was the first time in days she’d looked peaceful while she slept. He was tempted not to wake her, to just keep driving and bring her home, but this was what she wanted. So he reached over, running his fingers up and down her shoulder.

“Zo,” she didn’t respond. “Zoie we’re here.”

“Mmm…” she turned away from him; eyes still closed as she curled up against the window.

“Come on Zo you’re the one who wanted to come here. You’ve been sleeping the entire ride, and you slept for fifteen hours last night. Get your ass up.” He tugged on her sleeve but she didn’t move. So he leaned forwards turned on the radio and cranked it up.

She screamed, jumping as the pounding music rocked the car.

“Turn it down!” she yelped hands to her ears.

“That got your attention,” he turned the radio off, laughing. “Come on it looks like it’s going to rain. Can we just go? The beach is no fun if it’s cold.” Zoie lowered her hands, turning to look out the window. Grey clouds spotted the dark sky casting a misty glow across the beach.

“No we can’t go. It’s not raining yet, and I want to make the most of our last day off. Don’t be such a killjoy.” she flashed a smile in his direction; all exhaustion banished from her eyes for a brief moment. Before she popped open the door. He watched as she sprinted across the dark sand, casting off her shoes as she went, stopping at the edge of the water, spinning around her hands in the air, musical laughter dancing around her.

Zoie grinned pulling her shoes off as she rushed forward onto the cool, white speckled sand. It seeped between her toes, its gritty, yet soft, texture exfoliating her feet, reminding her of simpler days. She laughed twirling around in the sand, letting the sea wind brush against her face like an old friend, close and cool. Today was a good day, the bright lights were only dancing in front of her eyes a little, and she’d doubled her dose of medicine that morning, just like the doctor had instructed, so the day could be even better. It made her very sleepy but it was worth it.

At first the glowing orbs flashed in and out, but when she stopped spinning to gaze out at the ocean they dissipated from her vision. For the first time in awhile the image was clear and crisp. She could see everything her vision untainted by spots and speckles. The beautiful water threw itself up against the shore receding as quickly as it had approached the damp sand. It collected in tiny tide pools. Little individual universes content to go on living unaware and, so far, undisturbed by the giant universe around them. She glanced back at Demetri who was making his way across the shore to her.

“Could you hurry up?”

“I’m coming I’m coming.” He tugged his sweatshirt closer around himself marching over to her.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she whispered, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear as she gazed out at the stormy horizon line.

“It’s grey, and cold.” He said looking at her from the corner of his eye. He could see she was shivering, though she tried to conceal the tremors by holding her arms tightly to her chest. This wasn’t the first time he noticed that she couldn’t seem to stay warm, despite the layers of clothes she was wearing. He took off his sweatshirt and draped it around her shoulders, just to add a little more warmth.

“It is not that cold; stop being so negative.”

“You’re shivering your butt off,” he said watching as she took a few steps closer to the edge of the water.

“Zo, the water is going to be freezing,” he tried to feign his exasperation but the truth was this was the most energetic he’d seen her since before Noah’s funeral. It was nice to know she was going to be alright. She had been worrying him a lot recently.

“I know silly, but I can still dip my feet in.” she walked closer to the edge, her pale toes almost glowing in contrast to the water as she neared its darkened edge. She slipped her feet in the water and a smile spread across her face, her teeth started to chatter, but she didn’t move.

It was refreshing, a little cold but nothing she couldn’t handle. Zoie stood there, arms outstretched letting the gentle sea breeze brush around her hair, wind up her nostrils. For once she didn’t feel sick. It was nice to pretend, if only for a moment, to be a normal, healthy, high school kid skipping a couple days. Except she wasn’t normal, and she wasn’t healthy.

She stood there for what felt like just a few seconds, but her body wasn’t responding well to the cold. She started to shake harder than before, but she wasn’t going to let it ruin her excursion. It would be the last time she got to feel the oceans cool water and she wanted to cherish it as best she could.

“Zo,” Demetri reached out to her, “we’ve got to go. You’re going to get sick if you keep standing in the water like that. Come on.” She looked back at him, tears in her eyes as she stepped out of the soft waves. Because standing there, catching a cold wouldn't change anything she was going to die anyways.


Like the dream scene I'm not sure if I like it or changes will eventually be made, but right now it's late and I've got to get to bed. I may add or subtract tomorrow, I haven't read it through all the way yet, I have no doubt that I'll wake up and make a bazillion changes.

Anywho happy blogging and stop by to check out the rest of the fest.

Hehe that rhymed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Blogfest!!!!!!!

Okay so here is my late post for the Dream scene blogfest. Background, this is more of a flashback/PTSD moment for Darren from He's With Me. So here we go, comments as always are appreciated. Don't hold back, I can take it. Oh an also though it sounds improbable I've done research and his injuries are plausible and his actions are possible. You've got to read the rest of it to understand, but basically he was in shock, thus he was able to do what he did. Also this takes place over a span of a few minutes, just so you know.

Oh and I'm not sure how I feel about it because I just wrote it today, so tomorrow there may have been some changes made, once I've slept on it.

And now we dream:


It always started the same. The morning light poured through the bus windows, bouncing off the metal walls creating a glare in everyone’s eyes.

No one knew what was about to happen.

The stench of hockey gear hung in the air, so they'd cracked all the windows, and blasted the heat trying to counter the winter’s chill as it climbed in through the open spaces.

Darren knew something was wrong, but he couldn't put a finger on what it was. Something was going to happen, he could feel it, but why couldn't he remember?

And then, just like always, it was bright; so very, very bright.


It happened in an instant, flying through the air, spinning being tossed around. Then the movement stopped and he landed hard.

All he could see was red. Blood flowed over his fingers, clinging to his skin and sticking in the cuticles of his nails. An aching pain started to spread through him originating at his knees before reverberating off every bone in his body. He shook from agony, and reached up to wipe the blood from his face, but his hand fell short and he didn’t know why. He glanced down to see why. His left hand was completely gone, his arm cut off at the elbow. Only one of his legs was intact; the other, his right leg, was a bloody mess, his femur had sliced through his skin and was facing away from him, ripping through his shorts. His stomach rolled and the world spun around him, tears of horror filled his eyes- he was going to be sick.

He looked up then, anything to distract him to push the nausea away, his frightened green eyes darting around for the first time. It looked like the bus had been split in half; broken glass lay everywhere and the back of the bus had been completely obliterated the metal torn to shreds. Seats were thrown every which way, strewn across the pavement where he lay; a violent road burn crept across every inch of his exposed skin, scarring his body. He was outside the yellow metal of the bus, but so were row upon row of destroyed seats. Bodies were sticking up across the asphalt field of death at odd angles.

Some were moving, some weren't.

Darren screamed. His voice lost, smothered by the other boys moans. Just as soon as he opened his mouth he closed it, resigning himself to silence, there was no use in screaming. His voice was just one of many blending into wails of agony.

The pain started to dull, a light airy feeling passing over him, and he started to panic. He could feel his own heartbeat escalating feel as it jumped into his throat and caused his breaths to come in shallow gasps. He was fifteen he couldn’t die; not now not yet. He was just fifteen! His body screamed at him to focus, to think of something, anything to stay lucid…

Then he remembered.

It was happening again, how could it be happening again?


Where was Liam? He scrambled forwards, using his intact hand to propel himself across the scattered leather remnants of the bus seats, into the aisle. A piece of bus teetered above him, the leg of an overturned seat. It fell. There was a crack as it landed on his back, spasms of pain spread from the point of impact across his side wrapping themselves around his chest cavity and squeezing. A grunt of pain escaped his lips but it would take too much energy to cry out, energy he didn’t have. He couldn’t even call out to Liam worried he’d pass out from the strain. Everyone else had the energy, somehow; he could hear their shouts for help, screams for their mothers.

He reached out to where his best friend had been, shoving the chair leg away with his good hand before pulling himself around the bend. And there was Liam, lying in a pool of blood, twitching tiny moans escaping his lips. Using what was left of his strength, he propelled himself forwards as best he could, landing next to Liam with a thud, the pain in his chest growing tighter. He couldn't breath.

“Dar-ren…” his name was broken; Liam choked it out struggling to catch his breath. Darren saw it then, the blood pouring from his best friend throat. A cut an inch wide was pulsing in tune with Liam’s pounding heart as it let his life force drain out of him. Immediately Darren reached over, his hand clutching at the gash firmly trying with all his might to hold it closed. But the world was blurring, the numbness spreading, he couldn't feel his chest anymore and he’d almost forgotten his leg was being held in place by a thread, could only remember his hand wasn’t there because he couldn’t use it.

“Darren…” Liam gasped “don’t…let go, please…and tell Leah…” he coughed, blood spotting the corners of his mouth, dyeing his teeth red.

“I’m sorry.” Liam coughed again, blood spattering across Darren’s face. Darren nodded, just once. The world blurred, the screams faded, his grasp loosened and the blood was free to flow.

Darren was standing over his own body now, watching as his hand let go, and Liam's eye rolled back into his head. He just stood there, watching as he let his friend die, as he gave into the numbness, listening to the sirens as they penetrated the dying moans of the other boys. The other voices became faint, and the edges of the world began to dull, Liam inhaled once, and then was gone. And Darren just lay there, unmoving.

“Liam!” Darren awoke screaming, his hands shaking like they had when he’d let go of Liam’s wound. He threw his covers off, glancing down at his legs at the large white scar that stretched up his right thigh, a constant reminder. His left hand shook slightly with the memory of its ultimate failure. His right hand hadn’t been strong enough to hold the wound closed, if his left hand had been there then maybe Liam wouldn’t have died. The scar around his elbow cast off the same ashen glow as the one on his thigh. The scars were composed of thick bumps and dips that wound across his skin in intricate designs, like large pieces of rope holding him together; permanent fixtures on his body. He'd gotten his arm reattached, or replanted as the doctors said. It had been what his step mother called a miracle. Not enough of a miracle though because Liam hadn't been so lucky.

The scars would never let him forget that he’d let his best friend die.


And the verdict is?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well I'm Almost Done

This title has a lot of double meanings, first off I'm ALMOST done with school, I have one full week left and then two weeks of exams (because I'm moving them all around so I get them done with and out of the way). Second I'm almost done-with He's With Me, after the Backspace Conference, exactly a week ago today I've got to go through one more time and make a bunch of changes (all the feedback was amazing!) and then I'll send it out to betas. Third I'm almost done with SATs, I'm taking them for the second(and hopefully final) time this weekend, lets all keep our fingers crossed I break over 2000 points.

Also I feel it is my duty to inform you of the awesome contest Michelle Hodkin is hosting in celebration of her agent signing and then her book auction(yes you read that right book AUCTION) and of course subsequent book deal! She is giving away a bunch of ARCs that she got from the BEA, and I think you need to head over and put yourself into the running. Because it is too good to pass up! Link go now.

I actually was lucky enough to get to meet Michelle, a week ago, at the Backspace conference! She was really perky and sweet and kept calling Weronika and I "prodigy's" which was a little embarrassing and unsettling because I am far from being a prodigy (Weronika I'm not so sure she's got ambition, and talent, and is doing a thousand different writing things all at once all the time! I wish I had just an ounce of some of her drive that keeps her going! You should head over to her blog to, because she is awesome). I got to meet Weronika too and we had breakfast and lunch together a couple times, it was great having someone so close to my age there because I didn't feel alone. Of course the first time I went Sara was there to keep me company, and we've kept in contact ever since!

But I had a great time getting to meet everyone and I learned SO much. So much in fact I'm jumping at the bit to be done with school so I can buckle down hard and get cracking on what I need to do. (Like get a job, shh don't tell my parents but personally I want writing to come first! insert obnoxious whine here However I am aware bills do no pay themselves and cheap college is not). I actually decided not to take gym over the summer (Oh so sad, no gym) because it'll give me two more hours in the morning to write(or sleep) before going off to that job I've got to earn. I'm going to do it, what exactly it is at the moment I'm not sure. Because it can change on a day to day basis in a second, but I'm "shooting for the moon so even if I miss I'll land among the stars"- (a play on the quote above the board in my math room.) I'm going to succeed.

All in all (to get back on topic) these girls awesome and you should go follow them(Weronika and Michelle!), and apply for Michelle's contest because she is pretty cool. I'm mean she's an animal attorney, I love animals but am not sure I'd be able to go through an extra three years of school for law. Props to you Michelle. And Weronika is moving to NYC in the fall, anyone who knows me understands that I really don't like the city so she is extra brave in my book, that and she's written eight novels which is so intense and inspiring! Her current WIP Where The Doves Fly, (well I've only read the first two pages but they were a riveting, heart pounding two pages) is something I've never read before- it's got a unique voice and an enthralling topic.

I've got to go write now, because I've got this college essay I'm supposed to be working on...and I'm not.