Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Pictures, Pictures!!This is my BEAUTIFUL corsage that basically was the start to an AMAZING evening. My prom date, who is dating one of my friends now (it's cool I don't mind at all they're cute together and she's a great girl,) according to his mother was determined to get my corsage to match. And it did, it matched my dress PERFECTLY. Also at the time he was unaware that the flowers he picked are my favorite. I informed him later just so he'd know how perfect it really was and that I wasn't just saying that. I'm preserving it, that's how amazing it is.

Also I know that the date in the corners is wrong, but the camera was never set. And it's so very old. But these pictures are from this past weekend rest assured.

Now onto another picture--his eyes are closed so I may post another later, but I like this pic I think except for the closed eyes it's a good one!
Next an open eyed picture, up close. A woman from my mothers gym came over and took over my hair, I fell asleep on it because I got home SO late and in the morning I woke up and it hadn't moved! Then when she was done, well she asked to do my makeup too, and I let her. She put sparkles in my hair, there are some still there even though I've washed it more than once--a couple of times in the sink. But another friend took this picture.

All in all I had a great time. A better one than he did, I think, but an amazing one none the less. There is only one thing I'd change--this one encounter with a girl I do not like so much don't worry nothing bad happened she was just a rude bitch, that's all, and what I would have done is just confront her. I took it all in, I danced like no one was watching and just lived. It was so much fun! Thank you again to everyone who encouraged me. Thank you so much.

I'm never going to forget it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, Thank You

Hey so I participated in the hook line blogfest yesterday and my post messed up the settings on my blog, so I had to delete it but don't worry I saved all the comments and criticisms, and are using them to perfect my hook lines. They were all way too long. I just wanted to thank everyone who commented and will hopefully find the time to get to look at all the other participants lines. So Thank you so much to everyone who helped me. I really appreciated all the comments.

Also prom pictures will be posted soon, once I figure out my blasted camera again!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Success! I have triumphed over my camera!

So the title kind of says it all, since last Thursday I have been at my wits end with my camera. I couldn't find my USB cord, my computer didn't recognize the USB file, I get the pictures half loaded and the battery dies, I can't find the battery charger, I find the wrong battery charger and wait an hour for it to charge, it doesn't. Next I take out the chip-thingamajig and insert it into the computer(like I'm supposed to), computer wont recognize the file! I find the right battery charger, the battery wont charge. So I attempted the whole chip-thingamajig, that has a proper name which I cannot remember at this time, and it worked! o way late, but better late than never I think my post about K.M.'s rockin' gift basket!

Literally it was a basket! And I'll share something with you right now, I have a thing for baskets and boxes. Seriously it must be an illness of some sort because EVERY time I set foot into a store that sells those cute fancy boxes I have to restrain myself from buying one. And I just like keeping baskets around you get to carry things in them.Ca you tell I'm fried from AP tests and my ten page paper I still haven't finished, oh and the paper I wrote a post about a while back that ended up being a month and two days late and isn't losing any credit?!? (I'm as stunned as you are trust me). A little fried. I'm stopping now onto the better part of this post!!!!!!!

So K.M. had this amazing contest to earn new followers, if you haven't been around my blog for a while then you wouldn't know that I was really bossy and demanding and wanted everyone to go over and follow her to because K.M. has really helped me. I ended up winning the beautiful prize pack it was chock full of all this great writer-ly stuff that made me giggle inside because I just thought it was SO nicely put together and i made me feel ubber professional, and being only 17 that feeling was just well warm and fuzzy is the best way to describe it. Here are the pictures!!!!!!!

These are of me OPENING the gift, yes my clothe look ratty, I was sleeping when the package came, don't judge.

So those are of me opening the gift, there are a couple more, but I look really bad in all of them so enough pictures of me onto the goodies!Isn't it just beautifully packaged? I don't know about anyone else but when I can see someone spent time and energy packaging something so it looks pretty I always feel really guilty when I have to tear it open. *tear*...but the brutal, and yes it was brutal, murder of this package was totally acceptable because look what was inside!!!!!!!
I got two books, If I Stay(which I've been wanting to read SO bad but I never got the chance to pick up a copy) and Writing Great Books for Young Adults, this was supposed to be a copy of The Dairy Queen but I already owned that one so K.M. was nice enough to give me a different one instead. I got a notepad, and an "Inspire" notebook with retractable pen(that have already been put to good use). I got a mug, it's a bunch of pretty colors, which I used today while consuming ice cream for lunch(school got out early and I was hungry don't judge). it was my ice cream vessel, I love it! I also got, jellybeans, an assortment of dark chocolates, sticky notes highlighters, every writers dream. It was just amazing. So thank you again K.M. thank you so much!

I could go on forever, about everything in my beautiful basket, but I stick by what I said before this gift was even more amazing because it gave me that professional feeling, one that I strive for but don't always reach because of my age. Not everyone takes you seriously when they ask you what you want to do with your life and you say "become a published author" and you're under the age of eighteen.

So thank you again K.M. so much, for everything. Oh and there will be more pictures this weekend, can you say PROM?!!!!!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm a little exasperated because I have been trying, for over and hour, to get my computer to load the pictures from K.M.'s gift basket, and cannot seem to get it to cooperate. I'd ask my dad to fix it but he's busy, so I have to wait another day before I get it all posted. I'm sorry this is taking forever! Hence the UGH in my post title. This will get done tomorrow if I have to abuse my computer to death.

Also, side note, I just found a website that like has made my life (okay not literally but you know what I mean) seriously, my life is now a little bit closer to being complete. Here's the link.

Click it. Click it.

Now that I've distracted you...

P.S. HP owns.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been sick recently and over the weekend my family celebrated not only mothers day but two birthdays. I've been busy. I've got a nice big AP exam tomorrow. I wanted to do a post about the AWESOME gift package I got in the mail last week from K.M. after I won her awesome contest. In fact I told her I was going to do a post the day after I received it, but illness, celebrations and drama got in the way. I've got to go study, so the post will have to wait until later this week even though I want to write it right now. This is just a filler to assure K.M. that I'm going to do the post but unseen issues have gotten in the way. So tomorrow or Thursday there will be a post about the awesome gift basket I got from her. Until then I'm off to deal with drama, and try to study.

High school sucks.

If you didn't already know.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So has anyone ever had to write an essay for school, one that is so seemingly pointless, one that is such a waste of your time, such a useless thing to splurge your energy on, that you want to yank your hair out?

Well I'm in the midst of writing that kind of essay right now. It's driving me bonkers. It was due a few weeks ago, haven't written it yet, and I feel no urge to force myself to write it. None whatsoever. I'm really lucky it isn't being considered late, but I still don't want to write it. I just don't. I want to work on my WIP(s). And watch bad TV and not do school work.

I think this attitude has come about because it's been so nice here recently. Today for example I got a sunburn! Not pleasant but it made it feel like summer, really like summer. I wanted to find my way down to the beach, get into a row boat, row out into the bay and lay down in the bottom of the boat to watch the clouds pass by. Not write an essay.

So I've got to go do that right now, finish this essay using "ethos, pathos and logos" whooo...

But before I go I would like to inform you that my short story post will be gone in a few minutes because I can't stand it and it needs to go.

I also wanted to say thank you to K.M. and anyone who credited me in her contest. I won! Which doesn't normally happen, so thank you K.M. for being such a good friend, for encouraging me and for holding a bangin' contest. Thank you! ^__^ And just for the record I still think you all should head on over to her blog and follow her, because she's awesome!

Ethos, logos, and pathos, here I come...