Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Success! I have triumphed over my camera!

So the title kind of says it all, since last Thursday I have been at my wits end with my camera. I couldn't find my USB cord, my computer didn't recognize the USB file, I get the pictures half loaded and the battery dies, I can't find the battery charger, I find the wrong battery charger and wait an hour for it to charge, it doesn't. Next I take out the chip-thingamajig and insert it into the computer(like I'm supposed to), computer wont recognize the file! I find the right battery charger, the battery wont charge. So I attempted the whole chip-thingamajig, that has a proper name which I cannot remember at this time, and it worked! o way late, but better late than never I think my post about K.M.'s rockin' gift basket!

Literally it was a basket! And I'll share something with you right now, I have a thing for baskets and boxes. Seriously it must be an illness of some sort because EVERY time I set foot into a store that sells those cute fancy boxes I have to restrain myself from buying one. And I just like keeping baskets around you get to carry things in them.Ca you tell I'm fried from AP tests and my ten page paper I still haven't finished, oh and the paper I wrote a post about a while back that ended up being a month and two days late and isn't losing any credit?!? (I'm as stunned as you are trust me). A little fried. I'm stopping now onto the better part of this post!!!!!!!

So K.M. had this amazing contest to earn new followers, if you haven't been around my blog for a while then you wouldn't know that I was really bossy and demanding and wanted everyone to go over and follow her to because K.M. has really helped me. I ended up winning the beautiful prize pack it was chock full of all this great writer-ly stuff that made me giggle inside because I just thought it was SO nicely put together and i made me feel ubber professional, and being only 17 that feeling was just well warm and fuzzy is the best way to describe it. Here are the pictures!!!!!!!

These are of me OPENING the gift, yes my clothe look ratty, I was sleeping when the package came, don't judge.

So those are of me opening the gift, there are a couple more, but I look really bad in all of them so enough pictures of me onto the goodies!Isn't it just beautifully packaged? I don't know about anyone else but when I can see someone spent time and energy packaging something so it looks pretty I always feel really guilty when I have to tear it open. *tear*...but the brutal, and yes it was brutal, murder of this package was totally acceptable because look what was inside!!!!!!!
I got two books, If I Stay(which I've been wanting to read SO bad but I never got the chance to pick up a copy) and Writing Great Books for Young Adults, this was supposed to be a copy of The Dairy Queen but I already owned that one so K.M. was nice enough to give me a different one instead. I got a notepad, and an "Inspire" notebook with retractable pen(that have already been put to good use). I got a mug, it's a bunch of pretty colors, which I used today while consuming ice cream for lunch(school got out early and I was hungry don't judge). it was my ice cream vessel, I love it! I also got, jellybeans, an assortment of dark chocolates, sticky notes highlighters, every writers dream. It was just amazing. So thank you again K.M. thank you so much!

I could go on forever, about everything in my beautiful basket, but I stick by what I said before this gift was even more amazing because it gave me that professional feeling, one that I strive for but don't always reach because of my age. Not everyone takes you seriously when they ask you what you want to do with your life and you say "become a published author" and you're under the age of eighteen.

So thank you again K.M. so much, for everything. Oh and there will be more pictures this weekend, can you say PROM?!!!!!!!



sraasch said...

Ooo fun presents!! Jealous :)

K. M. Walton said...

Hayley, it was so cool to see the package in your photos - sort of a surreal feeling actually. My two sons and husband thought it was so cool to see the basket, that had been sitting on my desk, now on your blog!!

I love wrapping and packaging things up - it allows my inner/dormant Martha out for a stretch. You are so very welcome, and it brings me such happiness to know you are enjoying everything in there. You are a writer.

And, I can not wait to see your prom pictures. Hope you have a magical time. Remember, soak it all in...every single minute.

Hayley said...

Sara- Aw, don't be jealous, you're awesome all without any fancy/fun presents. Hey did Pippa finish those Aussie treats yet? And besides aren't you supposed to be doing homework? Because that's what I'm supposed to be doing!Looks like we are both enjoying procrastination. ^-^

K.M.- I'm so glad that everyone felt it was cool! That makes me really happy!(I don't really know why it just does ^_^) And I have to say despite going over state lines it was surprisingly intact and beautiful and I LOVED it, I could totally tell you put effort into the packaging. Also there will be a lot of minute soaking this Saturday, I'm thrilled to be going! Thank you, again, for your wonderful encouragement!

Jen said...

I just found your blog and it's lovely!!! I love gifts so watching you (via pictures... not stalking you outside your window) open the package was so neat! What a cool basket!! K.M. is super crafty!!!

Oooo PROM! How fun!!! Can't wait to see some awesome pictures!

Portia said...

Ooh, that is a fabulous basket! :-) Have a great prom. And post pics!

storyqueen said...

Such a cool basket!! Been wanting to read If I Stay, too.

Let me know how it is.


Hayley said...

Jen- I know K.M. rocks!

Portia- I did have a great prom thanks for all the well wishes!

Shelly- It is amazing, pick up a copy whenever you can. I don't normally recommend books I'm not done with but this one kicks butt.