Saturday, November 28, 2009

Awards and Stuff!

So the lovely Mariah, gave me my first ever blog award! The Honest Scrap award:

And before I go into the ten things I have to say about me, I have to give the award to ten other deserving bloggers, but I'm very, very, very new to this, so my friends on here are limited and a lot of the people to whom I would have given the award to have already received it, so a few of those I"m giving it to have already been awarded it, but you guys are just that awesome. The award receivers are: K.M., Jade, Kat, Jessica(BookLover), Carrie and the other two people who I would have given the award to(but already received it) were Sara, and Mariah. But Sara's already been awarded it, and Mariah gave it to me. Thank you again Mariah! ^__^

So the things no one knows about me....

1. Almost all my current pets have Irish names, i.e. Seamus, McAllister, Finnegan and I was going to get a kitten named Tavish (Mac and Finn's little bro, but he got adopted by someone else). To coincide with this, I am also a crazy cat lady in training. There is no doubt in my mind that one day I will own many a cat. And FYI they will be named after my favorite super heroes.

2. I couldn't read until I was about nine years old. I wasn't exactly illiterate, but even simple sentences seemed as though they were impossible. I hadn't even thought about writing, let alone being an author, until my third grade teacher started playing the first HP book on tape in class, she had to stop because a students parents didn't want him reading it. By then I was hooked. I stole the tapes from my dad (he had bought the book on tape a few years before) and when my parents caught me, they made me finish reading. After that I read the first four HP books in the span of two months, I would have kept reading, except the first four were the only ones published. This lead to my nickname from third grade through fifth, Hayley Potter.

3. I love country music.

4. I once owned a Rottweiler-Chow Mix, named Bear, because he looked like a bear cub when we got him. He was the best dog ever, he had a spotted tongue, it was pink and purple.

5. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger, I actually wrote a piece that was featured in a mash-up of mini plays that my fourth grade put on. Mine was totally a rip off of Romeo and Juliet, but it got in, and I played the lead. It was pretty cool, except it was written as a tragedy and my Principal made it into a comedy. Not cool.

6. I can't stand to shop, unless it's for books, I can shop for books until the cows come home, but I can't stand shopping for anything else. In fact I'm pretty sure I could live quite contently in Borders or Barnes and Noble.

7. I have over 200 books on my book shelves currently,. These books are alphabetized by author. Yes, my CDO is showing. I have at least 100 in storage, and about fifty in my book boxes, where I keep books that I want to read but haven't gotten around to yet.

8. I cry when I read books, or when I see movies. They can be the least sad thing in the world and I'll cry when they're over, or when something sweet happens. I cried watching the Princess Protection Program with my little sister a few days ago, and the Queen said something to her daughter and for some unknown reason I burst into tears. Mind you this doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally, and more so with books than movies but it does happen.

9. All my favorite characters tend to either die or end up unhappy for the rest of their lives. For example, Sirius Black, Fred Weasley, Marcus (from Babalon 5), Robin Hood (From the BBC TV show), Allen A Dale (also from Robin Hood TV show, I'm very upset about this one, he had pretty blue eyes), Will (From His Dark Materials), Jonathan (from Midnighters) and plenty more. With the exception of Jacob Black, but you can ask Sara I pretend that Breaking Dawn doesn't exist.

10. I want a tattoo, a nose piercing and a bellybutton piercing, but I am terrified of needles, and don't have the guts, to actually go through with it. So magnetic studs and henna are what I'm sticking with. Forever.

That's it about me, nothing else really... I had a really fun Thanksgiving, I hope everyone else did too, for those who celebrate it, and as for everyone else I hope your average week was a good one. :) Oh and I'm writing again, but I'm not sure where its going yet so the story is going to be hush hush for now...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Catch Up

Yeah I've been absent for a couple of days, but for good reason. I have these new characters in my head, and I'm not sure if I'm going to write their story or not. Still debating, I've been ubber busy. I went to see New Moon last night for my friends birthday, yes, yes I did go for Jacob and Jacob alone yes I did. He is the best character in that series.

Safe to say the theater was ridiculously crowded, and every single time any male figure of any level of attraction came on screen all you could hear was the gaggle of screams from the fan girls. My friends and I spent most of the movie screaming at everyone to shut up. But it wasn't just us, every few rows some was yelling at everyone else to just be quiet and watch the movie. Really, the first time okay I understand but every single time he appears? Really? You need to blow out the rest of the audiences eardrums every time you see anyone who is slightly attractive? Granted at one point my friends and I did make some snide comments, right in the beginning and got a dose of our own medicine, we weren't doing anything too bad just whispers to one another, and a girl in front of us asked us to shut up. We did, and then I felt bad about talking, so we stayed quiet.

Oh Jade I went to a JV football game yesterday, told you I would. It was against our biggest rival we lost but Varsity won this afternoon, missed the one today because I slept in, I've only been up for four hours, but when you're out till after 11 hanging with your friends that's what happens :P. And I was distracted all week by my TV shows, is anyone else a fan of the Puck/Quinn paring on Glee or is it just me? I know he's a jerk, but he's trying and I think he cares about her. I also think Finn is beyond immature. But that is just my opinion. And Grey's please, please, fix your show, I love you so much Grey's, I really do. So because I love you I'm going to come right out and say it, you need to fix your show. Get rid of the chick who took Georges locker, bring Izzie back and work on the writing. You used to be full of amazing lines, amazing characters, and have now stooped so low as to bring in a long lost pregnant daughter into the midst, this is sending you down the path to becoming a soap opera. You have been forewarned. Now to continue on...

I sent out that piece for the college program I applied for. A day before it had to be in the mail and I'm worried it wont get marked or get lost, that occupied my mind for quite awhile this past week. So now I wait. Wait until March when I hear back, that is so long, and I just want to know now. Patience is not my virtue. Obviously.

Now I have to go write, and write, and try as hard as I can to decide how I'm going to be spending the rest of my weekend. And hey Thanksgiving is coming up, I have a three day school week. Score! So how has everyone else been while I've been very absent from blogging?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Checking Up

So how's NaNo going for everyone? I'm very behind, thousands of words behind, but its okay because I'm actually not ripping my hair out with stress and have managed to make it through my grading period rather unscathed, with the exception of one grade that will be dealt with tomorrow. So how is everyone else doing with NaNoWriMo, or in some cases NaNoRevisMo?

My English/Way to write NaNo in school, is going very well I am very pleased with it. And I came up with an awesome quote today while walking my dog, Seamus. If you've noticed from earlier posts all my animals with the exception of my eldest cat have Irish names. Seamus, is Seamus Cujo, Yes, yes my dog is named after Stephen Kings rabid St. Bernard. (My bestie decided on his middle name.) I was talking to my characters, yes out loud it helps me think, and Kali said something really awesome! It was "It's like God is playing some cruel joke on me, and I can't laugh." Now think what you may but I rather liked it, especially because she was/is no longer religious (long story). But anyways she and Darren have finally decided how to tell me how they resolved their conflicts enough so they could become friends, and I rather like the way it plays out.

So I'm going to go and write that now, while they are having a good time chatting in my ear.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thirds Day!

Hayley remembered thirds day today! Yes! *Does proud of herself dance, and falls on her face*

Now that Hayley has embarrassed herself, by dancing and then displaying her clumsiness. We shall Hayley managed, after much hair pulling, screaming and aggravated eating, preformed by her family members, to cut her writing down, massively. It all but killed her, and then when discussing the writing with her teachers (who are awesome by the way) was given mixed feedback. They liked it, but didn't think it had a wow factor, it is an excerpt so she supposes that's because well she can only fit so much onto a one page doubled spaced size ten word document.

So she would like to ask her blogging buddies (hehe she has blogging buddies, that makes her very giddy) what they think of her revamped, edited and liposuctioned piece, be honest please. She can take it.

The light from the burning town miles away pressed through the wooden panels that obscured the windows. Ashlyn tugged on her tank top, ran a hand through her cropped hair, and bit her lip as she began to kick a piece of the wood, avoiding his eyes, she’d missed him, and it hurt. He’d hurt her.

“I can’t believe this!” Declan ignored her, focused on one escape route; through the city in the abandoned subway tunnels. The plank groaned beneath her unceasing attack “I stayed behind for a reason!”

“And what was that to get yourself killed?” Declan held the binoculars up to his eyes, gazing at the camp on the outskirts of their old home. But they wouldn’t have killed her, and that was worse than dying. He’d die before he let that happen to her. Declan shook his head trying to focus, to gain control.

“No moron, I don’t see why you care anyways why are you here? Why aren’t you back with the army? You left me—you left five years ago; you should have never come back! I don’t need you!”

“Ashlyn be quiet they might hear you” Declan glanced at her for the first time since they’d gotten to the safe house. Her hair was shorter now; she had changed in every way possible. Even if she’d been disfigured he could have recognized her a mile away. She wasn’t a child anymore, they weren’t children.

“And I care because?” Because she’d kept him alive, brought him home, because he needed her.

“Just shut up Ashlyn, they have super senses. How can you not get this? If they get any closer and you keep yelling they will hear you.” Ashlyn brushed this off continuing on her tirade.

“Declan what are you doing here? No one wanted you here; I don’t see why you even had to come back—”

“Ashlyn!” Declan’s voice was stern echoing smoothly across the darkened room, his grey eyes blazing with anger.

“If you don’t shut up” he pulled his gun from its holster “I’m going to shoot you.” he aimed it at her. Ashlyn looked from his gun to him and stepped forward her golden eyes never leaving Declan’s face. He stared back, gaze unwavering, hand steady, as she moved closer until the barrel of the gun was pressed against her bare skin, brushing the neckline of her tank top, right above her heart.

“Do it.” She breathed “You killed me once, go on do it again.” Declan didn’t move his eyes never leaving her face; holding the pistol ever steady “Pull the trigger.” She whispered.

“Ash” he exhaled, she stared back at him, her expression blank, her eyes angry and hateful.

“Go on Declan, do it, pull the trigger.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So Hayley would like to know what you think...Oh Hayley was in New York City yesterday for a school art trip. And has to ask a question how do other kids get away with escaping the field trips? They sign in and disappear until they need to check in again, where do they disappear to you may ask? Well Hayley asked, they disappeared into the city, moseying around NYC for seven hours. Hayley wishes that she had more gumption and could do that too, but she just can't. She's too much of a good girl.

So Hayley has really nothing else to talk about, and she wishes she did because this post seems very bland. But Hayley now has to leave this snippet be and move onto the piece she has to write for her English class, yes she gets to write a creative piece for English!!!! And its due tomorrow, she hasn't exactly started yet, but her reasons are reasonable, she's been focusing on this, something that means more to her than a school assignment. Hayley should reorganize her priorities but she is quite happy with the way they are, and the assignment will get done. Tonight, even if she has to stay up late. She understands it's part of the writing gig, late nights less sleep. She's fine, she'll get through it.

So she says onward! Onward to her writing for fun/class/but mostly fun!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Wish

I'm applying for this college program for creative writers in May, only five kids from my school are allowed to apply, only two have the chance of getting in. I am one of those lucky five kids. I know exactly which piece I want to submit. Except I have to cut it down to fit the parameters of the application. Cut it down, a lot, *tear* and I'd rather liked it the size it was.

I sit at my computer cutting word after word of this thing that has to be submitted by the 17th, however my teachers can't look at it until grading is over and grading doesn't end until this Friday, not exactly allowing for a large range of editing. Ick.

Today I wish for a machine that can cut the words for me. Yes I want a machine that I can place my writing in, almost like a scanner, that then identifies which words need to be disposed of, which words are like the unnecessary sprinkles on a already over sugary piece of cake. That is what I wish for right now. Course this bit isn't very sugary, maybe salty, its kind of bitter sweet. Hmm...

So now back to giving my writing liposuction.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Changes, Changes, Changes

So I've been making a lot of changes lately, changes to my story line, changes to my characters quirks and actions. I've even gone so far as to change one of my characters names, something I haven't done in ages. I haven't changed a name so far into a story idea in years. The idea for my Current WIP came to me ages ago, back when I was in about sixth grade, so these characters have been in my head for about five years. My female protagonists name, for as long as I can remember has always been Jessie, I don't ever recall even considering another name for her. But as of recently changes I've made to her character have made me start to second guess myself, something I do quite a lot to be honest.

Jessie's character has grown and changed in the past five years, one could argue she grew with me which I guess she did. But so as she and Declan have been chattering about in my head I've decided that she needs a new name. His, his fits perfectly, but as of recently I've noticed that he doesn't call her Jessie anymore, and I believe her changes are what's been making writing this new story so hard. Now that I know how she's changed, grown stronger I think, I can properly address her by her rightful name and work with her. I was focused on the old Jessie, and the new Jessie, she didn't want to be that weak character anymore, she wants to be strong. Really what writer would argue that? Of course I'm still kind of on the fence about the name change, not so sure about it yet, but if it doesn't work out I can always change it back if need be.

I know I'm not the only one making changes, Kat not three days ago changed the entire tense of her NaNo novel The Plural of Love and Jade is setting herself goals for the remainder of the year, something she said she's never really done before. Nothing seems to be going as planned this November.

Oh so Jessie's new name is Ashlyn, Ash for short, I like it, it's stronger and it taps into her fathers culture, something she prides herself on through her story. I'm going to go back and change it, soon. I like her name, it's one of my favorites I've used it in a bunch of sort stories. I can't wait to get back to her story, Declan has got to be one of my favorite male protagonists of all time. (Shh...don't tell the others boys that, they'll get jealous).

Anyone else making changes? I've noticed it's quite the trend recently.

Friday, November 6, 2009

-2,000 Words Later

So, Hayley missed Thirds Day*tear*, and she remembered it at about four a.m. when Mac and Finn decided it was time to wake up. Yay!

So, last night while watching Bones and Grey's I was rereading the most recent snippet of He's With Me, and figured out what had caused my block that made me flip out when Nov. started. So I cut over 2,000 words and think I've figured it out. I also found the opening I wrote for my WIP of Untitled Proportions, located, wait try and my messy bedroom, that I cleaned today!

Oh and then I jumped onto the computer and found out that I won an book (my first contest win yeah!^__^) on the lovely Sara's blog, (you know she was my first writer friend, yes I'm serious, she is the coolest) in celebration of ISPAW, which is like the coolest Pirate holiday ever! I'm serious, I love the entire crew of the Rapid Meander, so much that I read the story during my classes the first few weeks of school. Yeah, Lu and Yazoo overheard a lot about the graphing of algebraic equations, sentence structure and U.S. history. But it was so worth it, because the story is freakin' amazing. Thank you Sara, I will email you soon!

So yeah, I have some writing to catch up on and a lot of reading to do, and maybe a football game to attend later tonight, maybe haven't decided if I will muster the school spirit, maybe just to see my friends in the pep band-hehe. Oh and my friend Brian well, I can't talk about it just yet, but I will soon, I love Brian he's awesome but I can't talk about it yet. So you'll have to wait a little while and then trust me you'll know.

Oh did anyone notice that I finally learned how to link things? Yes, I know I should have figured it out awhile ago, seeing as I've been blogging for a month, and I didn't I admit it is very sad but I figured it out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nothing Really Related to Writing.

Word count as of Nov. 2, 2920. A little behind but nothing I can't handle. So to get to the bit that isn't related to writing: I have these two kittens McAllister and Finnegan, and I love these kittens, they sleep with me every night. And I have these PJ shorts, cute little boxer shorts, they are my favorite pair of PJ shorts. A couple of days ago these shorts disappeared. And I found them, in my kittens litter box. A few days later, I found one of my favorite PJ shirts, in the same exact place, after I'd removed my shorts from the litter box. So either my kittens love me as much as I love them and need to have a bit of me with them at all times, or they hate my sense of style and decided to get a message across by literally going to the bathroom on my clothes. Favorite clothes. And they're little snots, so I know it was purposeful.

Anywho, I'm behind on NaNo but with good reason I spent most of my time on my day off Tuesday, working in the yard. A lot of yard work. Oh and I got fourteen hours of blissful sleep. It was very nice. Have I told you guys how much I love my little "brother" Danny? Because I love him. So, as posted before I got to go to Barnes and Noble, which may just be my favorite bookstore. (Aside from the cute 75% off store that recently closed *tear*.) So we get into the store and I immediately run to retrieve Morganville Vampires: Fade Out, by Rachel Caine and Dear John by Nicolas Sparks. So we're in the YA section and Danny who tagged along, points out Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games. Now I'd been waiting to save up to get this book, or get it for Christmas, whichever came first, money or holiday. He asks if I'm going to read it, I say eventually. He then proceeds to tell me he owns a copy, and asks if I want it. I ask if I can keep it forever, I really like to keep my books it's a CDO thing, I'm sure. And he says yes. When we go home, he just gives me the book. I love him. Then my sister purchased a book I also wanted and said once she was done I could have it. Then today as I returned to B&N (long unnecessary story as to why) I found another book I've been waiting for but wasn't aware had been published again. So my dad bought it for me. I love my family. I was really blessed when it came to books this week, yes!

Now, I'm getting on with NaNo. Uh huh, I'm going to write right now, after I take the dog for his figure eight walk. Thanks again you guys for helping me break out of my block.

Ooh look a short post, yeah!

Thank You Everyone! :)

So a special thanks to Jade, Sara, Mariah, K.M. Who helped me over my returning writers block freak out. Because when I freak out I Freak Out, Sara, is very aware of this. So thank you. After all your help yesterday my word count totalled to 1,528 but I'll admit, I actually made it to a scene I'd written in a journal and so I plugged that into the computer, so really my word count was around 1,000 but that is infinitely better than the big fat goose egg that had been rolling around in my mind and taunting me all day.

Thank you :D

And hopefully I'll make up for it tonight and tomorrow, pray for rain people pray for rain and then I won't have to do yard work (yes!) which will allot for not only more time writing, but reading because Morganville Vampires: Fade Out comes out tomorrow, and frankly I need that book. I squirreled away twenty dollars for the past four months (yes saving that much money for books is hard for me, I have a book addiction and read faster than the library can supply them) and plan to buy that and Dear John by Nicolas Sparks because I am shameless, just saw the trailer for it with Channing Tataum (who Mariah if you're reading, he should totally be in one of your resident expert posts, just saying), and now I must read the book. Yeah.

Hey look a short post! Yes, I'm improving. Thanks again you guys totally saved me. ^__^

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Block is Back!

Someone please help me. So November starts, and I'm pumped I've got my chocolate on supply, my laptop at the ready. Ready. To. Go.

Or not so much.

See I'm a big Halloween buff, like big. It has to be my favorite holiday second only to Christmas.(Which is for religious reasons and because well lets face it who doesn't love to get books?) But so yesterday my Halloween did not go so hot, lots of unnecessary drama. And I find that sitting at my computer today I cannot write to save my life. Not one word at all. Well I mean I can write something, but every word I seem to write I hate.

So I need help, aside from therapy which I am aware I need. Any advices as to how to get rid of this block? I just need it to go away, for NaNo. And because I think if I go another school year without writing anything, I will go clinically insane. Yes, I'm serious.

Hey look a short post, I'm making progress, not for a good reason but still glass half full progress

WIP of Untitled Proportions

So my NaNo story has no title, I have no idea what on earth to call it. But here is the summary, I figured I should post something about it, so I could add it to my Current Projects sidebar (hehe I have a sidebar, yes that does make me very happy). So here is my little, or not so little, summary bits thingamagig, which is long. My apologies I guess writing short blogs is not my forte, but I am trying, that has to count for something.

Nemotractus, a word that has haunted a people for generations, all but demonic creatures created by scientists as they searched to make life, to commit an act against God. For over one hundred years soldier’s with no conscience, enhanced skills, horizontal pupils and the ability to heal from any fatal wound, have ravaged the earth under the control of other humans. Power hungry dictators who want nothing more than to purge the world of those they feel are unworthy of life, an attempt to perfect the human race. These warriors are Nemotractus, originally created in the hopes of finding a way to sustain human life, however human bodies rejected the organs, and then the soldier was created. They’re almost impossible to kill, nukes don’t hurt them, and bullets only slow them down. For over one hundred years a feeble human resistance has kept them at bay, lacking the power to create their own soldiers, the group of the free located in the places that once were North America, Australia, and parts of Europe.

Declan’s a soldier groomed his entire life by his community to fight for the resistance, to join the army on his fifteenth birthday. Orphaned when he was nine he was adopted by the O'Hara's. He was raised alongside Ashlyn two years his junior, she became his best friend. They were inseparable, until an event tore the family apart spurring Declan to lie about his age joining the army at fourteen, leaving Ashlyn behind and never looking back. It’s been five years and after receiving the Medal of Honor, for having one of the highest kill counts, for being wounded as he tried, and succeeded, to save most of his platoon, Declan has been sent back home. Home to the family he’d left behind, to the best friend he’d abandoned. In those five years a lot has changed, the resistances' borders have been steadily pushed back, his old town is now right on the cusp of the fight, one loss away from being annihilated. It’s empty, save for a few people struggling to escape, and Ashlyn, his Ashlyn. But Ashlyn isn’t a helpless little girl anymore; she isn’t the little kid he’d always had to protect. She’s most definitely not the girl he left behind.

Thrust together as the town collapses around them, Ashlyn and Declan have no choice but to work together, if either of them is going to come out alive. Ashlyn doesn’t trust him, and Declan has a secret, a secret that could set their people free, a secret that could help them win. It’s the reason he left, the reason everything happened. It involves the Nemotractus, and a way to kill them, a scientific error overlooked because of its insignificance, ignored because no one thought that could ever be a problem. But his knowledge puts him in danger, it puts Ashlyn in danger, and he would never be able to live with himself if something happened to her, even though she wants him dead.

So what do you think?