Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank You Everyone! :)

So a special thanks to Jade, Sara, Mariah, K.M. Who helped me over my returning writers block freak out. Because when I freak out I Freak Out, Sara, is very aware of this. So thank you. After all your help yesterday my word count totalled to 1,528 but I'll admit, I actually made it to a scene I'd written in a journal and so I plugged that into the computer, so really my word count was around 1,000 but that is infinitely better than the big fat goose egg that had been rolling around in my mind and taunting me all day.

Thank you :D

And hopefully I'll make up for it tonight and tomorrow, pray for rain people pray for rain and then I won't have to do yard work (yes!) which will allot for not only more time writing, but reading because Morganville Vampires: Fade Out comes out tomorrow, and frankly I need that book. I squirreled away twenty dollars for the past four months (yes saving that much money for books is hard for me, I have a book addiction and read faster than the library can supply them) and plan to buy that and Dear John by Nicolas Sparks because I am shameless, just saw the trailer for it with Channing Tataum (who Mariah if you're reading, he should totally be in one of your resident expert posts, just saying), and now I must read the book. Yeah.

Hey look a short post! Yes, I'm improving. Thanks again you guys totally saved me. ^__^


Jade said...

You're most welcome--I'm glad you got passed it.
Keep up the good work.

Mariah Irvin said...

1,000 is a great start!

I'll see what I can do about the Channing Tataum thing... it might have to wait until next week, though, because someone else has already been scheduled for this Friday, and he's very excited about it.

Lisa and Laura said...

There is just something about staring at a blank document that's horrifying, right? I always cut and past part of our outline into the doc. Even if it's just a few sentences, it just helps to have something there.

sraasch said...

Great NaNo start! I'm still only at 1,046; yikes. It gets kind of daunting, doesn't it?

Hayley said...

Jade-I'll keep trying, and Dr. Wicked's Writing Lab helped so much yesterday. Thanks.
Mariah- I just meant eventaully, no need to rush. Besides, I don't really think it matters who you're being resident expert on they are all awesome.
Lisa and Laura- It can be really daunting, the fresh whiteness staring out at you, it does help to have something there. Thanks for stopping by.
Sara-I know, but don't worry you'lll get there, Max seems like the kind of character that knows just the pace to take you. And he's cute :)