Sunday, November 1, 2009

WIP of Untitled Proportions

So my NaNo story has no title, I have no idea what on earth to call it. But here is the summary, I figured I should post something about it, so I could add it to my Current Projects sidebar (hehe I have a sidebar, yes that does make me very happy). So here is my little, or not so little, summary bits thingamagig, which is long. My apologies I guess writing short blogs is not my forte, but I am trying, that has to count for something.

Nemotractus, a word that has haunted a people for generations, all but demonic creatures created by scientists as they searched to make life, to commit an act against God. For over one hundred years soldier’s with no conscience, enhanced skills, horizontal pupils and the ability to heal from any fatal wound, have ravaged the earth under the control of other humans. Power hungry dictators who want nothing more than to purge the world of those they feel are unworthy of life, an attempt to perfect the human race. These warriors are Nemotractus, originally created in the hopes of finding a way to sustain human life, however human bodies rejected the organs, and then the soldier was created. They’re almost impossible to kill, nukes don’t hurt them, and bullets only slow them down. For over one hundred years a feeble human resistance has kept them at bay, lacking the power to create their own soldiers, the group of the free located in the places that once were North America, Australia, and parts of Europe.

Declan’s a soldier groomed his entire life by his community to fight for the resistance, to join the army on his fifteenth birthday. Orphaned when he was nine he was adopted by the O'Hara's. He was raised alongside Ashlyn two years his junior, she became his best friend. They were inseparable, until an event tore the family apart spurring Declan to lie about his age joining the army at fourteen, leaving Ashlyn behind and never looking back. It’s been five years and after receiving the Medal of Honor, for having one of the highest kill counts, for being wounded as he tried, and succeeded, to save most of his platoon, Declan has been sent back home. Home to the family he’d left behind, to the best friend he’d abandoned. In those five years a lot has changed, the resistances' borders have been steadily pushed back, his old town is now right on the cusp of the fight, one loss away from being annihilated. It’s empty, save for a few people struggling to escape, and Ashlyn, his Ashlyn. But Ashlyn isn’t a helpless little girl anymore; she isn’t the little kid he’d always had to protect. She’s most definitely not the girl he left behind.

Thrust together as the town collapses around them, Ashlyn and Declan have no choice but to work together, if either of them is going to come out alive. Ashlyn doesn’t trust him, and Declan has a secret, a secret that could set their people free, a secret that could help them win. It’s the reason he left, the reason everything happened. It involves the Nemotractus, and a way to kill them, a scientific error overlooked because of its insignificance, ignored because no one thought that could ever be a problem. But his knowledge puts him in danger, it puts Ashlyn in danger, and he would never be able to live with himself if something happened to her, even though she wants him dead.

So what do you think?


Mariah Irvin said...

Nemotractus sounds like a good name for evil, genetically enhanced soldiers. Bravo!

Jade said...

Sounds awesome! What about Nemotractus for a title? It sounds really cool.
Good luck with it!

Hayley said...

Mariah-Thanks, I think its two latin words that I just bashed togeather, though they may not be latin words at all because I used and online translator, and you can never be sure.
Jade-Thanks, I was thinking about that but I suck at titles so its all up in the air.