Friday, April 30, 2010

You've Missed It

Okay you guys, K.M. was having an awesome contest to earn 50 followers. And she is ONE away from that goal, I ask you to head over NOW and become a follower. She's awesome and deserves fifty followers, the contest is over but that doesn't mean you can't stalk-- I mean avidly follow her anyways. Go. Now. And I don't mean to be pushy or bossy, so-Thank you.

Also please do not judge my writing on the post bellow it will be edited and revamped in no time because I hate that short story. I'm okay at them but not great so once I go and get my crit. groups stories read I'm going back and attacking mine. Violently. Then maybe I'll like it more. But that's a maybe the post may disappear all together.

So the title is because you missed the contest and if in the next three hours you haven't read the post below you've missed that too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey critique partners (Bethany, Emery, Aaron and Ella) guess what I was just about to do? Email you all one big fat apology for forgetting to post my short story. I thought I was supposed to have it done today. But then I realized it wasn't due until next week. Freak out and frenzied writing averted!

I'm really busy right now, WRITING (shocker I know!), but I wanted to pop in and have a quick post. First order of business, to inform you that I'm writing, check. Second order of business, to thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. Thanks you guys are awesome. Check.

And third. Have you gotten your butt over to K.M.'s blog yet? If not you need to head over there now. Like right now, I'm not kidding. K.M. is having this awesome contest, and if you are too lazy to click this link then look on over at my sidebar, it's posted there. She wants to get to fifty followers, I think you should head on over, and join the contest and follow her. She is spunky and fun and was very helpful regarding my choice about prom. (Thanks times infinity K.M.!!!!!!!) So overall she is just awesome. With her contest drawing to a close in a few days I feel it is my DUTY to inform you that you need to head over there and join now. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Here's the link again in case you're lazy like me. ^___^ (That was a smiley face but looking at it now it looks a bit distorted, so let me try again ^____^ )

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As my critique partners (who are so FREAKING awesome!) go through my chapters and tell me what rocks and what sucks I've been wondering. Do I really need to break up my novel into chapters? I've read plenty of books that are just broken up into sections by page breaks or what would apply in my case a word (before/after etc). This thought came about as I was looking at my novel (which has a needs to be finished/prepped date in less than 50 days not that I'm counting) and the issues that have been causing me to have well...issues with my writing flow/process. Then it hit me.

The chapter breaks.

My story flow was designed to be Kali's story split in the way she sees it, before and after. Originally this split up chapter by chapter. But last Thursday I re-punched out what I have lovingly dubbed my "chapter 5" which had been a 'before' scene that I'd seriously been struggling with. (I'm going to say this right now, thank you outline that I spent hours on I owe you). And though it is only a page long I'm LOVING it. Aaron over at blogger girls (one of my AWESOME crit. partners mentioned above) told me it was her favorite chapter so far, which made me so very happy. Anywho I've decided on disregarding chapters for now, and just use page breaks (like this: *****) to separate everything oh and of course my before/after.

So that's it, I've got a trip coming up (can you say colleges?) and therefore my blogging hiatus will continue however before I leave tonight I'm going to pop over to as many blogs as I can and catch up with whats been going on.

Oh and I got a dress.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oooo Contest!

So K.M. is having an awesome contest, a follower related contest! Hint hint.

I know I just posted not even an hour ago, my Time post is not all that important though. I'm just going to get down to it. I adore K.M.'s blog she is so cool, perceptive, helpful and encouraging(and I'm listing again*sigh*). I think you should head on over and follower her. Now. Her posts are inspiring and interesting, and she's trying to get 50 followers by the end of April. If you're feeling lazy, let me appeal to the want side of you, and by want side I mean the side of you that gets distracted by shiny fun things, like the basket in her contest. So go over and follow her, please tell her I sent you (because the basket is bangin') not just because I would like the prize and my followers becoming her followers = points. But because I have 51 followers and she deserves just as many if not more people devoting their time to her. So right now head on over and devote your time to her.

Right now. Here's the link, again.


Time and Time Again

So there are 56 days, counting today, until the Backspace Writers Conference in NYC. And my WIP is in serious need of polishing. That is what I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks, aka that is the only thing that is going to take up my time. Well aside from prom dress shopping that is.

But I was wondering how do you guys push through the slush. You know the feeling that you just can't work through, when you feel like your writing sucks or you don't know how to work past the current pesty block that makes you want to scream and yank your hair out (I've been tempted) so how do you work past it, time and time again?

That's it short and sweet, off to watch Bones (I so totally called the Sweets ending before it actually happened) and Greys Alex/Izzie one of my biggest ships and it's over. I almost cried. The only loss of a ship that could be worse would be Tony/Ziva, I think I'd have to cry myself to sleep. I love that pair.

Anywho, I did well enough on the SATs one of my friends got a 2060 I'm so jealous. But I got over a 1600 so that was good, it should make it easier to get into the few schools I've seriously looked at so far.