Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Wish

I'm applying for this college program for creative writers in May, only five kids from my school are allowed to apply, only two have the chance of getting in. I am one of those lucky five kids. I know exactly which piece I want to submit. Except I have to cut it down to fit the parameters of the application. Cut it down, a lot, *tear* and I'd rather liked it the size it was.

I sit at my computer cutting word after word of this thing that has to be submitted by the 17th, however my teachers can't look at it until grading is over and grading doesn't end until this Friday, not exactly allowing for a large range of editing. Ick.

Today I wish for a machine that can cut the words for me. Yes I want a machine that I can place my writing in, almost like a scanner, that then identifies which words need to be disposed of, which words are like the unnecessary sprinkles on a already over sugary piece of cake. That is what I wish for right now. Course this bit isn't very sugary, maybe salty, its kind of bitter sweet. Hmm...

So now back to giving my writing liposuction.


Mariah Irvin said...

Good luck! If your school picked you, you're already good enough to win!

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask :D

Jade said...

I'm a cutting machine. I've been editing Charms today and you should see me cut. Paragraph upon paragraph is dying. It hurts but the fat needs to be shed.

Good luck with it though. I second everything that Mariah says. Believe in yourself and if you need help, just ask.

sraasch said...

Editing is the fun part! And by fun I mean soul-wrenching. Good luck!

Hayley said...

Mariah-Thank you very much,and one day I will take you up on the help offer, trust me. It means a lot that you're offering to help me, I really appreciate it. :)
Jade-It really hurts I finally cut it down to one page *cringe*, and thank you for offering help I really appreciate it. Thank you :)
Sara-I can't cut like you do, but I did it! I met the requirements, now I need it to be put through the paper shredder and ripped apart before I eidit it, again, and send it in. :)
Everyone-Thanks for the luck everyone ^__^

Shannon Messenger said...

Hi Hayley! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hope you don't mind that I'm following your blog now. And good luck with the cutting. Sadly, editing appears to be a part of the writing process. I'm in the process of trying to trim about 20,000 words from my WIP. It really sucks. Try not to be jealous. :)

Hayley said...

Shannon-I don't mind that you're following my blog, I find it very flattering, Thank you. And I am totally jealous of your 20,000 word cut. :P
It sounds very painful, good luck. Editing and I are only just warming up to one another, for years we have tried to ignore the others existance and that has failed. (Sentance structure and I do not get along.) But I'm improving which is what really matters. Thank you for following I appreciate it :)