Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well I'm Almost Done

This title has a lot of double meanings, first off I'm ALMOST done with school, I have one full week left and then two weeks of exams (because I'm moving them all around so I get them done with and out of the way). Second I'm almost done-with He's With Me, after the Backspace Conference, exactly a week ago today I've got to go through one more time and make a bunch of changes (all the feedback was amazing!) and then I'll send it out to betas. Third I'm almost done with SATs, I'm taking them for the second(and hopefully final) time this weekend, lets all keep our fingers crossed I break over 2000 points.

Also I feel it is my duty to inform you of the awesome contest Michelle Hodkin is hosting in celebration of her agent signing and then her book auction(yes you read that right book AUCTION) and of course subsequent book deal! She is giving away a bunch of ARCs that she got from the BEA, and I think you need to head over and put yourself into the running. Because it is too good to pass up! Link go now.

I actually was lucky enough to get to meet Michelle, a week ago, at the Backspace conference! She was really perky and sweet and kept calling Weronika and I "prodigy's" which was a little embarrassing and unsettling because I am far from being a prodigy (Weronika I'm not so sure she's got ambition, and talent, and is doing a thousand different writing things all at once all the time! I wish I had just an ounce of some of her drive that keeps her going! You should head over to her blog to, because she is awesome). I got to meet Weronika too and we had breakfast and lunch together a couple times, it was great having someone so close to my age there because I didn't feel alone. Of course the first time I went Sara was there to keep me company, and we've kept in contact ever since!

But I had a great time getting to meet everyone and I learned SO much. So much in fact I'm jumping at the bit to be done with school so I can buckle down hard and get cracking on what I need to do. (Like get a job, shh don't tell my parents but personally I want writing to come first! insert obnoxious whine here However I am aware bills do no pay themselves and cheap college is not). I actually decided not to take gym over the summer (Oh so sad, no gym) because it'll give me two more hours in the morning to write(or sleep) before going off to that job I've got to earn. I'm going to do it, what exactly it is at the moment I'm not sure. Because it can change on a day to day basis in a second, but I'm "shooting for the moon so even if I miss I'll land among the stars"- (a play on the quote above the board in my math room.) I'm going to succeed.

All in all (to get back on topic) these girls awesome and you should go follow them(Weronika and Michelle!), and apply for Michelle's contest because she is pretty cool. I'm mean she's an animal attorney, I love animals but am not sure I'd be able to go through an extra three years of school for law. Props to you Michelle. And Weronika is moving to NYC in the fall, anyone who knows me understands that I really don't like the city so she is extra brave in my book, that and she's written eight novels which is so intense and inspiring! Her current WIP Where The Doves Fly, (well I've only read the first two pages but they were a riveting, heart pounding two pages) is something I've never read before- it's got a unique voice and an enthralling topic.

I've got to go write now, because I've got this college essay I'm supposed to be working on...and I'm not.


sraasch said...

Aw! Wish I could've been at Backspace this year :( It was so much fun meeting you! Highlight of the trip :)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Awesome post about two fabulous ladies. Congrats to Michelle, but am on my way over to tell her directly. :)

Have a great weekend.

K. M. Walton said...

You are a wonder, Hayley, and should be really proud of your accomplishments and ambitions!

Weronika Janczuk said...

Yayayayay! I graduate tomorrow! Isn't that crazy??? Keep us updated and post pictures, etc.

Also, thank you for the plug. You're too kind. I've yet to write my second follow-up blog post.

Hayley said...

Sara- I wish you'd gone too, we've got so much to catch up on. But who knows I'm looking at colleges all over maybe I'll end up in your realm for a day or two this summer...I can hope. ^__^

Karen- Thanks, and have a great weekend too!

K.M.- Thank you, you always have the kindest things to say. Really I'm so glad you're one of my friends and biggest supporters on here ^_^

Weronika- I can't believe it either, TOMORROW you are going to be a high school graduate and officially a college freshman(in my book at least!) go you! And I can't wait to read the next follow up ^__^