Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is a quickie post because I've got to "focus" on finals tomorrow and Tuesday. Then I'll get back into the blogsphere, commenting and bouncing around, you have no idea how much I'm looking forwards to the return. I also have to get my novel finished and to one of my betas by Thursday because she's leaving next week and we wont see each other, I really value what she has to say so that means this novel needs to get done, now. So that is what my real focus is going to be. Shh...don't tell my parents.

Uh other than that, head over to my sidebar to check out the contests and giveaways that are going on to occupy yourself for the next five days when I'm not here, *sigh* I'm going to miss fluttering around the blogsphere even if it's only for a few days.


Melissa said...

Don't you love how you set aside time to do schoolwork and end up working on your novel instead?

For me it leads to a series of frustrated nights trying to get everything together frantically.

Good luck on the MS.

Hayley said...

Melissa-Oh yeah I love it my MS may end up being the only friend I have left after I release myself from self imposed isolation. It's the price to pay for being productive. But I paid for it too, I ended up having a mini panic attack and leaving a page and a half of my math exam blank. Thankfully the repercussions aren't so bad I still passed the exam! Talk about luck.