Saturday, March 27, 2010


So because of some events that are good (the "yeah" that literally made my week!) events and looming dates, I have to take a tiny break from blogging and focus on school. Again. I'm getting my SATs back soon, and will most likely be preparing to take them again in May. Grades close in the next month so I have to get them pulled up and polished. I also have to get a lot of writing/editing done if I'm ever going to finish my current WIP on time (seeing as I've already blown off one of my deadlines for it and changed something major in the plot) for the Backspace Conference in NYC that I'm going to *Turnsverypaleswayspercariously*. I'm nervous can you tell?

Okay now that I've taken a deep breath, to all this means that there will be a blog posting hiatus. I won't lie, I've fallen victim to not writing by posting or commenting because I feel less guilty for not writing, if I'm on here. I love posting and commenting it's addicting. So for the time being, though I'll still be reading blogs occasionally, I'll only be posting/commenting once a week. I think for now Mondays are going to be the sanctioned days for said posts/comments but I don't really know. It all depends what goes down.

This is just a temporary goodbye to the blogsphere. I'll miss you guys for the six days a week I'm not allowing myself on here, but I know that this is whats best for my writing, oh and school. Though really I'm more concerned about my writing. Bad Hayley, I know.

I'll be back soon *tear*. And you guys thanks for all the great comments on my fiftieth post and all the encouraging words involving my nerves. You're awesome.


Jade said...

You'll be missed!

Good luck with all the fun and not so fun stuff coming up.

sraasch said...

At least I'm not the only one taking absences! Have fun with school, hehe