Wednesday, March 24, 2010

50 Questions!

So this is post number 50, celebrating 51 followers (thank you Lila!) and answering questions! And I decided to finally post a pic of myself so you guys can have a face with a name!


You sure.....


Here goes...

Sorry, the photo is kind of blurry cell phone camera, you know? Anywho I asked you guys what you wanted to know and here's what you asked.

K.M. wanted to know:

If time travel were a possibility, where would go in time and why? This is a loaded question. I wish my answer was sophisticated and more intelligent but it's not. It's actually a selfish answer. I would only want to go back in time to change things. Not just watch. There are two points in time where I would like to go, the first is back five years ago, I mean you guys have all heard my piece about that. Basically I would stop her from getting in that car. Even if tire slashing was required. The other place in time I'd go would be back ten years to stop little young seven year old me from ruining her friendship. I learned the outcome of that the hard way. I wish I'd learned it earlier on, with a friendship that meant less to me. But that didn't happen. I would go back in time and stop myself from making something that I consider to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I know changing those things would alter my life as it is now, because both have affected me a lot in the past few years. So if I could do all of this, I'd like to keep the knowledge I gained from these expiriences because they have been key in shaping who I've become. Frankly, if I couldn't I'd still change what happened anyways, because I would still love writing, I'd still want to get published, that wouldn't change. And that is what I think I couldn't live without. But I could be wrong, we'll never know.

Portia wanted to know:

When you're sick or feeling blue or just needing inspiration, what book do you reach for? The Harry Potter series. I know that's got to be cliché, but the first book was the first novel I ever read all by myself. And they inspired me to write, so whenever I'm feeling really down I always know that Harry, Ron and Hermione will be right there for me. So I always reach for HP it's safe.

VR asked:

What is your favorite thing you've written and why? Favorite thing I've ever written? That really is a hard one! I'd have to say it's the scene in He's With Me where Mitch dies. Morbid? Yes. But it's one of the scenes I'm the proudest of, and I wrote it as a short story so it has enough strength to stand alone outside the WIP.

Piedmont Writer asked:

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three books with you, what would they be? Not fair. Okay three books? HP 3 and 7. As stated above I'm especially attached to these books. As for book number three, this is a hard one, I wish my answer would be a little more sophisticated but it's not. I'd choose Perfect Chemistry because every time I read it I'm consumed with giggles and it's really romantic. I'm a hopeless romantic so you see the appeal here.

Kat asked:
Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what do you listen to? Yes, sometimes. And it depends what's on the radio, the TV what my iPod turns on. Mostly it's country, or sad music. I like sad music ballads and stuff, which I know sounds depressing but it's what I like.

And what made you decide to purse writing/publishing? What made me come to that decision? I love writing, and it just seemed like the natural course to take. I really don't know, I guess someone asked me about it one day and I just said "Yeah I'll get published eventually." And thus began my goal. When that happened, I don't really know, I've wanted to get published since I was in about fifth grade, so it must have happened sometime around then.

Lisa and Laura asked:
How do you find time to write and go to school? Are you as overbooked as the other 17-year-olds we know? And go to school? Psh, I write during class. My teachers think I'm the most diligent note taker. Kidding, kidding, well kind of. Honestly I'm a bad balancer. I don't really find the time, I'm learning I have to make it myself, it's really hard. I'm not overbooked per-se, I only participate in a couple clubs and I don't do sports, and sadly am currently unemployed. However I do occasionally get swamped with school work, and do have a little tiny issue with procrastination that I'm working on. So to answer the question in short, I have no idea.

Uh that's all I'm off to talk myself through these really tight nerves coiled in my lower stomach that are starting to make me hyperventilate with anxiety because I've decided to ask cute French class boy to prom, as friends, tomorrow (I was going to do it today but I didn't get the chance) and I'm nervous. I'm like twitching and almost crying and nauseous. I'm going to do it though. I am.


Jade said...

How exciting! We don't have a prom but I did my Deb Ball (because I'm cool like that) when I was 16 and the girls HAVE to ask the boy. And it's a big deal because they have to commit to 10 weeks of ballroom classes...Anyway, the guy I asked, Adam, was in the year above, blonde and so cute. All my friends watched from across the quad! I've never been so nervous in all my life, but he said yes and I had the cutest Deb partner.

So, good luck!!!

Hayley said...

You got to Deb! You're so lucky! My friend Olya got to Deb and her escort was really cute too! When she was all dressed up she looked like a china doll, no joke it was creepy. That's so exciting and now I have a little more faith, I mean the worst thing that can happen is he could say no right? And I could live with that.

VR Barkowski said...

Great answers to some excellent questions, Hayley. Thank you for sharing! BTW, you're much better at balancing than you give yourself credit for. Look at all you're accomplishing and have accomplished. Just look at this blog for heaven's sake! Amazing!

Good luck with FCB!!!

K. M. Walton said...

HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. Sooooooooooooooo excited for you. Yay times infinity!

p.s. according to your photo, and your deep intelligence, he'd be crazy not to say yes!

p.s.s. I knew there was a reason we became "blog buddies"...I've read the Harry Potter books countless times and loved them every single read through.

Lisa and Laura said...

Um, could you be any more cute? NO. And, I'm SOOOOOO excited he said yes! WOOHOO! Can't wait to hear all about your prom and live vicariously through you!

Portia said...

First off, your picture is great! Even better than the cats (and I'm a huge fan of the cats, just so you know).

I'm embarrassed to admit I've never read the Harry Potter series, but you're making me think I really need to ...

Hayley said...

Jade- I'm still jealous of the fact that you got to Deb, but you should know he said yes!

VR-Thanks, I do try, but time budgeting is an issue and you cannot go to school on only four or five hours of sleep. And the luck really did help!

K.M. Thank you so much, and HP is the one piece of my childhood that I will love forever, it's just so moving.

LiLa- I will keep you posted, you can live vacariously thruogh me all you'd like. Squee!! He said yes, I have to keep reminding myself it's real!

Portia- Thanks, I'm a big fan of the cats too, they are quite adorable. And don't feel bad about not reading HP you can read the books whenever, you don't have to be a little kid to enjoy them. Just pick them up whenever you want. Also I'm glad I've got you thinking you need to, it's just a great series.