Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflection on 09'

Looking back on 2009, it was a not such a fun year. I had a lot of trouble with school, something that was very new to me because I used to love school. I didn’t pass my AP exam, ouch, and I also had so much writer’s block I wanted to pound my head into a wall a thousand times over. It wasn’t a great year, maybe a good year but if that’s the case it barely the cut off.

There were good things about 2009, I did make it through 10th grade in one piece, though I still have nightmares about it, I went to Backspace for a second time and learned even more about how to go about getting published. I learned the hard way, which is sometimes the best way, how to go about getting published and how to not go about doing it. I got plenty of rejections for my first novel, with good reason it sucked, and realized some of my short comings as a writer. My amazing friend Sara got an agent, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her (seriously ask her, she still gets emails smothered in exclamation points) and also filled with hope that it can happen. And I started this blog, by far one of the best things I could have done, because not only have I found support here on the blogsphere, I’ve also made many a new writer friend. And coming from a town where writers are lacking, that’s a big step, a good big step. Thanks you guys :), for everything.

Oh and I adopted these two adorable little boys, named Finnegan and McAllister the best babies in the world, despite the fact that they cry at all hours of the night, have sharp nails, think that they are dogs and have decided that they want to go outside, (to my horror) despite the hawk that is three times their size and eats kitties. They have yet to successfully escape *knocks on wood*. Here is a picture of their cuteness, time two.

Mac is on the left, and Finn is on the right. They are so cute!

So in light of the fact that ’09 was a bad year for me, I’ve resolved to make sure that 2010 is eons better. I will make it better. A new ‘look at the glass half full’ mentality.
Resolutions for 2010:

-Finish a WIP
-Finish He’s With Me
-Do research for Glass Heart
-Finish Glass Heart
-Find a Crit. Group
-Get into College
-Get through Jr. Year
-Read, over 100 books
-Pass AP exams (with flying colors)
-Give Kittens baths
-Work on stepping out of my comfort zone.
-Work on stepping out of my comfort zone.
-Query until my fingers bleed (after finishing
And editing obviously)
-And get a job (ick)

And my one goal, well that depends on all the other stuff on this list:
Get an agent.

Now that may not happen, and then there is always 2011, and the years to follow, but it is still my goal, my dream.

So a Happy New Year to all! I hope all your aspirations, and plans and resolutions are met, or come true. Have a nice night!


Mariah Irvin said...

I hope that 2010 is better than 2009!

And please... give those kittens baths!

Kayla said...

Aw cute kitties!
And I couldn't stop giggling when I noticed get a job was at the bottom of your list.

The Blogger Girlz said...

Here's to hoping that 2010 goes better for you then 2009! (But I'm not too worried about that, seeing as how your part of a fabulous new critique group)! Yes, I'm bragging :P


Hayley said...

Mariah- I will, they've had baths before but I tend to be covered in scratches after, Mac especially hates bathes. With good reason, when he's wet he looks like a washed up sewer rat.

Kayla- Yes me and my priorities, but apparently these things called jobs are important because they can feed my book addiction and have to pay for this thing called college, so I don't know.

Ella- Brag all you want, because I'm glad to be a part of such a fantastic new critique group.

Hayley said...

ELLA! Oh My God! I just looked at my list again and realized that you helped me accomplish one of my goals! Yay! I can't believe I didn't realize that Thank you! One down a million more to go!

Nishant said...

I noticed get a job was at the bottom of your list.

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Hayley said...

Nishant- Yeah, but I am trying hard to get one.