Friday, December 18, 2009

Tagged Part Two

This is part two because I was sleepy and tired and watching Grey's Anatomy. So I left my tagged piece unfinished, part one can be found here. Or, because I know some people are lazy like me, if you don't want to click the link for fear of straining those writing fingers, just look two posts down.

14. What's everyone else's favorite story that you've written?

Hold on one second, let me ask my family... so Baby Sis, likes my current WIP, even though it isn't finished. My friend Maeve, loves Last Summer and Now my first ever finished manuscript that is now happily collecting dust on my nice shelf of retires. My friend Jessica likes what I've written of We Are the Plague. Mom likes one that I stopped writing when I was in seventh grade,Cycle, it will most likely never be finished and for a good reason. And Dad well he is busy right now, so I don't know. But these people are all a tad biased. Of course Sara has read a bit here and there so she may have a favorite, but I have no idea.

15. Ever written romance or angsty teen drama?

Yes, that is what Last Summer and Now is, and I wish I could go back and edit it, but we aren't getting along very well. I still love Seath (my male protagonist) and Lia (the narrator) but I should change it to third person, and well that is going to take a lot of work and I want to write right now, maybe I'll edit eventually but like I said it is happily retired.

16. What's your favorite setting for your characters?

My post apocalyptic world in my current WIP. Underground tunnels, abandoned houses, and blood covered battle fields score.

17. How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Umm well, my WIP and He's With Me and something I'm not going to talk about right now, because we are in the fun I love you stage of our relationship. So three...maybe more, sometimes I just work on whatever pops into my head, it all depends.

18. Have you ever won an award for your writing?

Do school awards count? Because I was writer of the week in elementary school, twice, and I think, but cannot be sure, that I got some creative writing thing back in middle school. So not anything really real, but whatever, I love my cute little writer of the week piece.

19. What are your five favorite words?

Well, let me think...I don't really have favorites, more liked overused. Those would be smirk, chuckle, mummer, mumbled and pressing. I know the middle three are words that are abused constantly in the Twilight series (it is a series, by the way, not a saga, it cannot be a saga in any definition of the word, just so you know) So I try not to use them, because every time I do it jogs me out of my writing stance. Not. Cool.

20. What character have you created that is most like yourself?

Lydia, from Last Summer and Now, just because we think the same, and most of the choices she made were similar to choices I would have made. That and I did set it in my favorite vacationing spot. Shh...don't tell...

21. Where do you get ideas for your characters?

Most of the time they just pop into my head when I'm doing something, like watching YouTube videos, people watching, reading, listening to music. Anything can trigger a character to walk into my head and talk to me, sometimes other people do Marissa, as spoken about as the most annoying character, well her name means sea of bitterness, and she was inspired by someone who I find obnoxious beyond belief.

22. Do you ever write based on your dreams?

Yes, He's With Me is based off a nightmare I had, where my best childhood friend died and I couldn't cry. To this day I remember it vividly, it was the kind of nightmare that was so realistic when you wake up you believe it really happened. I was under the impression for about five minutes that my oldest childhood friend had died and actually reached to call Sashi (one of my besties) to make sure it wasn't true. Then a few months later Kali walked into my head and told be about her dead boyfriend and how she never cried. I can only assume that she came about because the nightmare was constantly on my mind. A couple other scenes have been inspired by snippets of dreams I remember, but no other complete novels. Wait no, not true the original opening scene for my current WIP was a dream that I had back in sixth grade.

23. Do you favor happy endings?

No, hell no. Happy endings, in my opinion, are a tad overrated, and really nothing is an ending unless your protagonist dies and even then it is still a beginning. Life isn't ever going to tie up in a nice red ribbon,you can have a happy beginning, an ending that leaves the reader with a sense of hope, but I do not believe in cookie cutter perfect endings. My characters may be happy when the book ends, they may have a positive outlook on the future, but making it so everything works out, seems like you're cheating your characters and your readers. Every human is going to face problems big and small, why are characters any different? They're real to me. Now, I'm not a Scrooge, my stories end nicely, for the most part, but like I said every ending is a beginning we just don't know of what yet. Of course I do end quite a lot of my stories, bittersweet, for lack of another word. So no I do not favor happy endings, because nothing is ever an ending.

24. Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?

Not really, I've always been bad at spelling, always back in first grade I was having trouble, and grammar is no better. I don't worry about it as I write, I worry about it when I go back and read it over the first time, then I have my friend Molly go through, she is a stickler for grammar, then my aunt and then my dad's best friend. So as I write it is never really on my mind, but after because I know it is one of my weaker points, as has probably been noticed in the excerpts I've posted, it is one of my main focuses, second only to story content.

25. Does music help you write?

Yes, I just like the background noise, if there is too much silence I get stuck in my own head and have trouble putting words to paper. Sometimes it is an inspiration but most of the time it's just there for the extra noise, to keep me from myself.

26. Quote something you've written. Whatever pops into your head.

Umm...what if I can't think of anything? Because see now I've been put on the spot and I don't like that. Can I just scroll through my work until I've found something I like? Yeah I'm going to do that.

"You can say ou're over it but that doesn't mean you really are."
"Words are just words, feelings are much stronger."

Oh but I did learn something that I feel should be shared with you, keep in mind I was bored in French class and tired and was so not thinking about the cutie who sits a few desks away from me...oky back to what I "learned" because there has got to be something wrong with its translation, I'm sure, it is: "Je voudrais, mais il faut que tu me embrasses." It is supposed to be, "I would but you have to kiss me", a rough and inaccurate translation but like I said I was bored in french today and asked Sashi how she thought it would be translated so she tried and well that's it. Happy Friday.

Oh and by the way, tag you're it.

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