Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Quickie!

So here we go, I've been absent for about two weeks today, or at least I think it's two weeks. Maybe it's one, I'm not sure, my brain is fried midterms just ended (not that I studied that hard as seen by my grades, but it's very draining!). So I've been working on my outline (OWNED by the way it's done, now to meet that goal, I have what six days? Five because I already know writing isn't going on tonight, because uh NCIS is on and I'm not only a devoted fan but a devoted Tiva shipper and the episode tonight is supposed to you know give us A LOT of Tiva innuendo so, I'm excited. It. Will. Not. Be. Missed. Don't Judge.). Maybe four because I've got to finish a beta I started, and I'm so close and it's so good so I may not even pick up my own novel tomorrow...but back on topic. This is a quickie post because I may be absent until after my birthday, something about maybe getting my permit (a year later) and you know celebrating being a year older. And stuff. Oh and that little thing about finishing off my novel, yeah. I can already see about four all nighters in my future. God Bless Coffee. And Chocolate, lots of chocolate.

So Bethany gave me this great award, which made me seven different kinds of happy and flattered, and made me feel special (all awards do. but this one especially!).

I'm supposed to give this to all my blogging friends. But I love all you guys, you're all extra special in your own way, and because this is a friendship award, and you're all my friends. I'm not going to choose. Because I can't. So here is to all my friends on the blogsphere, I now give all of you reading this post,(which hopefully hasn't been too spaztastic so you're able to finish it) this award!

So I'll see you in a couple weeks, maybe less if my plan of finishing doesn't fall through. Fingers crossed.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on your award, Hayley! You deserve a friendship badge. :-)

Mariah Irvin said...

Happy Almost Birthday!

Tiny T said...

Happy Soon-to-be Birthday! Good luck with your permit as well. Always an exciting time :D

Hayley said...

Shannon- Thank you ^__^

Mariah- Thanks for the Happy Brithday, I'm lookig forwards to it!

Tiny T- I hope it's exciting, driving scares me.