Thursday, October 22, 2009

My NaNoWriMo

So I did NaNo last year, and all it did was put me behind in school work, not that it matters but I accomplished very little and I wasn't "in love" exactly with what I was writing. Not positive, not negative, just a *sigh* kind of experience. I'm impartial I guess. But I want to do it so bad this year, because I love just writing, granted I didn't reach the 50k mark but I think that's okay. Because I was doing what I love, and in this day and age with college, driving, lots of best guy friend drama, dare I say it prom (which even though its months away is on my mind for NO reason, I want it to go away!), and umm actually increasing my GPA this year instead of letting it drop to get into said college, are all looming over my head. I need to write, if for nothing else, to relieve the stress being put upon me by these things.

Sounds simple right? Find an SNI, and let it simmer in the creative sauce pan until Nov. 1st and then get to pounding down on the keys, or sprinkling little bits in the margin of my notes, homework and essays etc., letting my work fall to the wayside and shed whatever stress has been plaguing me and contributing to my insomnia, fall away for a little bit. Not as simple as it seems. Thanks to pressure from said high school I haven't had a new idea in months, approximately 9 or 10, I wish I could be exact in fact it seriously upsets me that I can't be exact, like really really annoys me (my CDO is showing) but it appears I've blocked the exact time my ideas abandoned me out of my memory.

So because I need this, partially in hopes to keep my writers block at bay and partially to just separate me from all this stuff, I made a decision. I'm going to do my own NaNo. I may or may not participate on the site, but I'm going to be keeping count here. Due to the lack of ideas I'm going to take one or maybe two of my old ones and work on them. I'm not going to stay exclusively with one, or maybe I will I don't know yet. I'll subtract, as of Nov. 1st, whatever words I've already written, starting again at zero and see if in that time I can press out 50k. I'm debating between a couple stories, ideas that I do love and characters that I adore listening to, its fun to hear them bicker.

So that's what I'm going to do. Once I figure out what exactly I'm working on I'll post about it but I have a couple days to decide and like I aid maybe I'll see if I can write 50k between two stories if I'm not sure at the beginning and then pick one a ways through. I just need to write. And NaNo is just the empowerment I need to do it, even if I'm participating unofficially.


Jade said...

I don't think it matters if your "official" or not, as long as you're writing.

I'm doing it officially and also on another writer's forum (Backspace). It's my first year and I'm excited.

Mariah Irvin said...

Good luck! I'm entered in it this year, but it's going to have to take a back seat to all the papers I'm writing in college!

sraasch said...

I'm on the fence about NaNo too. I'm already almost 30,000 words into the MS I was going to use, so using it for NaNo now feels like cheating. I don't know -- NaNo is always so fun though! Such a fun atmosphere of writer people.

K. M. Walton said...

I've never done it, but I want to. Hmmmm. Maybe I will. I do have a new story bouncing around in my head...

Good luck on your NaNo journey!!!!

Hayley said...

Jade-That's what I was thinking, and Backspace is an awesome forum, everyone there is so great.

Mariah-Good luck with the college papers, I hope NaNo works out for you too, and that college doesn't consume all your writing time in November.

Sara-It does have one of the best atmospheres. You could still do it, just subtract whatever words you've written and “start” from at zero for a word count on Nov. 1st, just adding on. I can't wait to read the new MS either, once it’s completed of course, it sounds so good, besides I think it’s time Yazoo and Lu had another history lesson, we're working on the Western Expansion right now. They'd totally love it :P

K.M.-You should totally do it. Even if you don't finish you're writing that's how I see it. And thanks for the luck. I'm going to need it.

Anonymous said...

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