Sunday, October 4, 2009

He's With Me

He's With Me is the working title for my current WIP. So I figured you know, I should blog about it seeing as writing is what I'm here for right? So here is my not so short summary. (Which will eventually have to be shortened but as of right now I like the way it sounds and am having trouble cutting it down.) So here it is:

It’s been seven months since the little town of Magnolia Hollow, Georgia was turned upside down by an unexpected loss that shook the very core of their society. The loss of Mitch Evans, a teenager who didn’t deserve to die, who had so much more living to do when his young life was yanked out from under him. In the past seven months people have grown and changed, the world is moving on as grieving comes to a slow but steady end. Everyone is living their lives as if nothing ever happened, quickly forgetting the child who was taken from them long before his time.

Everyone that is except for Kali, who clings to the memory of yesterday and plunges ahead only because she has to, because no matter what she does time won’t stop. Even though it’s been the only thing she’s wanted, the only thing she has wished for, in the past seven months. In love with the memory of the one thing that went right in her life, the only thing she had ever needed, he was her everything and she was his.

As time continues without Mitch, Kali has to decide what to do with her life. Without him as her constant, everything has unraveled before her eyes; she isn’t going to college, is barely graduating high school and has no plans for the future. She isn’t eating, or sleeping, and is quickly finding her way down a path of self destruction, with no one standing in her way. Kali knows why Mitch died, what really caused his death, and the thing is how can anyone help her if she can’t forgive herself? If she keeps pushing them all away?

Summer rounds the corner and Kali withdraws herself even more from her family, and what remains of her friends. She is reluctant to feel anything, joy, happiness, sorrow, grief, and even acceptance. Unable to cry, unable to really grieve for the love of her life she can do nothing, nothing except sit back and watch as her life flies by, all to ready and willing and ready to let it slip away. Then the return of an annual summer visitor who for so many years remained aloof, has completely thrown her for a loop. Darren was just the kid who came to live there for the summer always locked inside or working on his car, no one really knew him, no one really wanted to, he was just a visitor someone who would be gone before too long. Getting attached was never an option. Then Darren gets a job at the local dinner and begins to insert himself into Kali’s life, persistent until she can’t take it anymore; he’s always there, always someone to talk to. As they get closer the barriers she put up between herself and society begin to deteriorate, crumbling before her. As time moves on Darren helps her to learn how to live again, how to really move on. That is until her reality settles in and she remembers what is missing, what isn’t there.

Her love for Mitch and the secret she’s been carrying inside her poses an even greater problem for her and Darren as she struggles between what is and what could have been. Stuck in the middle of a love triangle between the ghost of what she once knew and the future she doesn’t understand.


sraasch said...

Ooo the last sentence of the summary is an excellent way to sum it all up! Really intriguing!

Hayley said...

Thanks Sara!

Mariah Irvin said...

Hey! I took me forever to find your blog, but it's nice to finally meet you!

Keep up the good work!

Hayley said...


Hayley said...

It's nice to meet you too :)

Carrie Harris said...

Ooooh. I would really not want to be Kali. Sounds very intriguing!

Hayley said...

Thank you :)

The Blogger Girlz said...

Great summary Hayley! Very intriguing! :D