Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grove. Getting into it. Getting it Back...Basically Regular Posts are Needed!

Uh so this past week I may have graduated high school.


I'm still not exactly sure I walked across that stage and accepted my diploma. It may have been my evil twin. (You know the same twin who has been holding my hostage and preventing me from coming up with witty/interesting posts.) But I have a lovely cap as evidence. And some paper thingy that says I did indeed meet the requirements set forth by my town to be considered a high school graduate. Weird. I was pretty sure I was still a freshman...
Well down to business. I have picked a college, and am currently saving every penny I have so I can afford it come the fall, when people said college wasn't cheap they were not kidding. It has been far to long since I was posting on a regular basis. So I've decided this summer I'm turning over a new leaf, renewing my new years resolutions and following through. So yeah be prepared for more posting done by yours truly as well as my presence you know actually showing up around the blogsphere more. And I just want it to be clear just because I haven't been posting or commenting doesn't mean I haven't been reading! I check up on my little blog roll every day! And I read all the posts I could between school and work. However now I will be reading and commenting and being more of a nosey busy body presence. Be prepared!! Muhahahaha...Also I have like a billion emails to send out, because I may not have checked my old email since uh...well much longer than I would like to admit and therefore I I go to do that! First step!!

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Bethany Mattingly said...

Yay! Can't wait to read more posts from you. Wish I could have decorated my grad cap, the wouldn't let us at my hs. :(