Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Leaves

I’m turning over leaves. New ones to be exact.

I’ve decided to post regularly. And I know I've said that before but it will happen this time! At least once a week, twice if I can manage it. I’m aiming for Tuesdays and Fridays, and then I will be posting to my Critique Group's blog, TheInkSlingers, on Thursdays, my regular day.

To prove this new leaf-ness I have embraced the concept of lists and schedules. My life is being planned down to the letter. I have a new list for everything. And a nice pretty schedule book with my goings on scribbled inside. It is actually working out pretty well, and hopefully I will be able to make it habit enough that once college you know happens, as it inevitably will, that I will be more organized. Yay for organization!

Also you will be seeing my presence around the blogsphere more, not just in posts, but I will be commenting around more. Like I said in my posting absence I never stopped reading what was on everyone else’s mind I just wasn’t commenting as often as I should have been. So more comment will be going down.

Oh and today I reorganized my bookshelf, I’m going to need a new one because the three I have are just so full. And if my current summer reading goes as planned there will be many more covers with pages in between to shove into alphabetical order (by author) to be observed and appreciated by me and my family/friends.

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