Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting down to buisness...

Alright so I am working on getting myself back into the grove of writing posts and writing regularly, working on it promise, so it takes baby steps. And now that I am in the second semester of senior year the stress has decreased a little and I am finding my way back to the land of the organized. Or at least my land of the organized, which is not the average land of the organized, in fact a lot of people think it's the land of the disorganized/organized/--well okay it is not organized in the slightest, but I have a little more control over it than I have had.

My friend K.M., whom I adore she's awesome people her blog always makes me smile and I know I can always email her if I need someone to talk to, is have this little contest in light of all the snow we've been having. All you have to do is talk about her contest, via blogging, twitter, facebook or any other form of communication you feel applicable.

She's giving away a bunch of prizes and well go on over, follow her and BAM comment and spread the word about her lovely contest!!

Okay I'm off to write, and do homework, and enjoy my double snow day. I know I should be bummed that we will not be graduating until August, but I don't even CARE! I am loving these snow days, so very very very very very very very very very very very much.

So off to work...kind of. Oh and keep your eye out in celebration of Valentines day, which is my least favorite holiday of the year, and my upcoming birthday (I do not want to be eighteen. *sigh*), I am going to have a little giveaway of my own. I haven't figured out all the logistics of it yet but there will be chocolate. I love chocolate. And I work at a chocolate store, so yeah.



Bethany Mattingly said...

Thanks for the news! and enjoy your snow days!

K. M. Walton said...

You are just too kind, Hayley! Thanks for spreading the word on my contest. And for the record, I LOVE snow days too.